In some markets outside the European Union, not covered by the network of Economic and Commercial Attachés, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency has agreed to work with local centres called "Logistics Offices" able to offer companies occasional assistance at an attractive price.



This support structure can help Walloon companies to position themselves in a given market by organising individual prospecting missions based on a daily flat rate.

The aim is to prepare a visit program at an advantageous rate for Wallonian producers and exporting companies, based on a flat-rate and covered by the beneficiary company and the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency.

See the locations of Logistics Offices

Locations of Logistics Offices

Locations of Logistics Offices

  • Europe and Central Asia: Armenia (Yerevan), Turkmenistan (Ashgabat), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Moldavia (Chisniau)         Contact: Dominique Tourneur
  • Africa and Middle East: Angola (Luanda), Cameroon (Douala), Ethiopia (Addis Ababa), Gabon (Libreville), Ghana (Accra), Guinea (Conakry), Equatorial Guinea (Malabo), Madagascar (Antananarivo), Nigeria (Lagos), Uganda (Kampala). The services provided by the French Community Delegation in Dakar are free of charge.        Contact: Dominique Delattre
  • Asia: China (Henan), Indonesia (Yogyakarta), Mongolia (Ulan Bator), Sri Lanka (Colombo)      Contact: Michel Kempeneers

Dominique Tourneur

Inspectrice Générale du Département des Marchés européens

T 32-2.421.82.54

F 32-2-421.87.23

Dominique Delattre


T 32-2-421.84.93

Michel Kempeneers

COO Overseas Export - Investment

T 32-2.421.84.84


All companies established in the Walloon Region.

Terms of the contribution

All Walloon companies, both producers and exporters, can benefit from this aid for a daily flat rate (excluding actual costs) of a variable amount depending on the destination for three days.

Daily rate between 550 EUR and 750 EUR (depending on the destination) covered by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and the beneficiary company for a maximum of three days.

An advantageous rate is made possible by a parallel contribution of 50% by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency, directly with the partner.

Services accessible based on a daily rate applicable for a maximum of 3 days:
• preparing and sending a program of meetings based on the information supplied by the company;
• picking up the company representative on his arrival at the airport
• business contacts;
• accompanying company representative back to the airport;
• secretarial services.

Services not included in this rate such as information relating to (non-exhaustive):
• local companies;
• major commercial events;
• the target market;
• banks, insurance companies and local transport companies.

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