Get support from specialists in Foreign Trade and Design approved by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency in order to develop your presence abroad.

Consultancy support is part of the integrated portfolio of chèques-entreprises (export consultancy cheque).


Any Walloon SME (in the European sense of the term), that is a manufacturer or service provider, excluding traders, developing an international project with added value for the Walloon economy. The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency appreciates the realistic character of this added value.

An enterprise is an entity, regardless of its legal form, carrying on an economic activity, except for NPIs wich are not eligible.


To support the launch of an existing product/service on a new export market, AWEX offers Walloon SMEs eligible for its support a subsidy covering the fees of certified service providers.

Foreign trade advisory services include:

  • the development of an export strategy
  • the establishment or restructuring of an export department;
  • the conducting of market studies and commercial prospecting;
  • the acquisition of techniques for participating in international calls for tenders and financing;
  • the search for partners and the conclusion of international partnerships.

Export design consulting services include:

  • the development of the company's brand image and its products/services for export;
  • the development of an export graphic charter;
  • the adaptation of the design of existing products/services to the specificities of foreign markets.

The companies themselves manage their use of these consulting services over a period of 3 years.

AWEX's contribution amounts to a maximum of EUR 25,000  per company over 3 years.

For starters (SMEs under 5 years old), the maximum amount is 37,500 EUR per company over 3 years.

In addition, the total ceiling for all public interventions under the company cheque portfolio is a maximum of EUR 100,000 per calendar year and per company.

The consultancy support is a de minimis aid within the meaning of Regulation (EU) No 1407/2013.


Submit a request via the business vouchers platform.

IMPORTANT: You must first be referenced by an approved service provider of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency.


Terms of the contribution

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency covers 50 % of the experts' fees excluding VAT (maximum 750 EUR per day). 

The total consultancy cost must be less than the sum of applicants' own capital and debts over one year old.


Payment of the contribution

The payment of the grant is requested via the chèques-entreprises platform.

Conditions of the contribution

The request for intervention must be submitted via the chèques-entreprises platform (Consultance export cheque) before the start of the services of the expert certified by AWEX.

The accrideted service provider may only carry out an other assignment for the same company after 36 months of the last completed assignment financed by AWEX.


Applications can be submitted free of charge via the form on the portal 


Stéphane Romans

Premier attaché - Entreprises exportatrices citoyennes

T 32-2-421.85.32

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