Répondre à des appels d’offres internationaux vous paraît complexe ou il vous semble que cela ne concerne pas vos activités?  Détrompez-vous. La taille des marchés ou des contrats sont accessibles à TOUS, y compris les PME. Découvrez l'aide à la prospection des organisations internationales par les Conseillers économiques et commerciaux. 

Ceci peut aussi vous intéresser:

Expert junior, à la recherche d’un stage dans une organisations internationales ?

Si vous êtes solidement formé dans tous types de secteurs au sein des établissements d’enseignement supérieur francophone de Belgique et désireux de tenter un parcours au sein d’une organisation internationale publique, des possibilités de stages existent avec le soutien de WBI.

Découvrir les possibilités de stage


Our goal is to support Walloon companies in setting up and implementing the financing of their international projects.

We are aiming to consolidate financing solutions available to help Walloon companies invest abroad and export.

Our goal is also to support Walloon companies in obtaining projects or contracts financed by the International Development Agencies.

Financial aid is available to help you finance the engagement of experts to get to grips with these international institutions.

Why take an interest in international organisations?

Applying for international tenders can allow you to open up new potential and create new references for your company, with significant visibility. Other reasons:

  • the requests (supplies of equipment or services) are clearly defined (TOR, deadlines, terms of payment, penalties, etc.).
  • there is no security deposit, the payment guarantee is 100% within a reasonable period of time, possibility of a contractual advance, etc.
  • the markets concerned generally have limited access for you, or none at all (developing countries or economies in transition) because the size of the market does not allow for traditional, expensive commercial prospecting, for results that are often highly random, a weak absorption capacity of these markets due to the cost of technologies, financial risks that are difficult to evaluate, etc.
  • once referenced, you will be regularly invited to participate in new tenders. 

The Economic and Commercial Conseillers (ECC) of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency can help you in your prospecting activities among international organisations.

They have a broad range of action:

  • searching for opportunities
  • putting in contact
  • information on the administrative procedures to be followed
  • assistance with registration procedures
  • organisation of prospecting visits at the head office of the international organisation
  • help in drafting tenders
  • carrying out geographical and/or sectoral research in order to obtain economic and political information regarding your criteria of interest.  

Around 20 international organisations are officially covered by the ECCs. However, the list of organisations below is still evolving and is not restrictive: the ECCs can also provide you with information about an organisation that is not listed here.


Marie-Christine Thiry


T 32-2-421.84.95

Patrick Heinrichs

Financements internationaux

T +32-2-421.85.42
or +32-479-22.02.71

Hubert Siemes

International Finance Advisor

T 32-2-421.83.59

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