In addition to the financial aid granted individually to Wallonian companies, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency also supports them by financing the activities included in the annual action program of Wallonian federations, clusters or Wallonian groups abroad. 


Provide financial support to professional groups and federations, clusters, organisations, exporters clubs, etc. based on an annual action program abroad, such as missions and participation in trade fairs, inviting foreign decision-makers to Wallonia and communication supports designed for international distribution.

Télécharger la Notice Fédérations et groupements professionnels

Notice Fédérations et groupements professionnels


Federations, professional groups, recognised associations within traditional industries, agricultural sectors (livestock, horticulture and arboriculture), tourism and cultural institutions and activities.

Terms of the contribution

Contribution of 50% of the annual budget established by the federation, cluster or group, on the basis of the terms of financial aid which are applicable to Walloon companies.

The contribution is only granted based on the share represented by these Walloon members. As such, for bi-regional or tri-regional groups, calculations are made proportionally to the number of Walloon members or participants.


Marie-Christine Thiry


T 32-2-421.84.95

Charlye Branco

T +32-2-421.85.21

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