The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency awards subsidies to Export Administration Secretaries (EAS) for the technical services that they offer to Walloon small and medium-sized exporters (SMEs).

Download the contact details of the EAS

Contact details of the EAS


"Traditional" contributions:
 All Walloon businesses.

"Technical" translations:
 any Walloon SME that is a manufacturer or service provider developing an international project, excluding traders.

Terms of the contribution

"Traditional" contributions:
 the services offered by the Export Administration Secretaries are, generally, free for companies.

"Technical" translations:
The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency contributes, through the Export Administration Secretaries:
50% of the translation costs excluding VAT, up to EUR 1,500 per company per year.

Translations where the cost is less than 50 EUR excluding VAT are not included.

Conditions of the contribution

The company must contact the EAS of its region to carry out the translations and open its file to obtain the discount.


Charlye Branco

T +32-2-421.85.21

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