Are you intending to sell goods in emerging areas like Africa, Asia, the Middle East or South America? Are you confronted with stiff competition in these parts of the world?


SOFINEX makes your offerings more competitive by giving you a donation representing 35% of the value of the associated goods and services.

Benefits for Wallonia:

SOFINEX checks that the project contributes to the economic development of the recipient country, and that it generates economic benefits for Wallonia.

Contribution of 35%:

SOFINEX's contribution is 35% of the value of the associated goods and services.

In around 30 countries:

the list of "emerging" countries, classified by the OECD, is reviewed every year.

For all businesses:

Regardless of their size, all Wallonian companies can take advantage of this contribution.


Any company with a registered office or place of business in Wallonia.

Terms of the contribution

  • Maximum donation of €250,000 per project for a contribution without FINEXPO
  • Maximum donation of €500,000 per project for a contribution with FINEXPO
  • Maximum 2 applications per country/per business
  • Maximum 6 applications per business over 5 years (commencing from the 1st request)

Settlement of the donation:

  • In line with the commercial conditions of the contract
  • After payment of the remaining 65% by the client
  • After submission of supporting documents (commercial contract, B/L, invoice(s), proof of payment, etc.)


Catherine Holemans


T 32-2-421.84.86

Hubert Siemes

International Finance Advisor

T 32-2-421.83.59

Conditions of the contribution

Contact Sofinex directly at the offer stage.

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