Whatever your international project, SOFINEX allows you to access bank credit more easily by providing a guarantee, to reduce the bank's risk.


For your commercial export contracts, you are often faced with the obligation to pre-finance these contracts and provide bank guarantees to the customer.

If you invest abroad, since the assets to be financed are located outside the territory, your bank may find it difficult to finance them.

Whatever your international project, SOFINEX enables you to access bank credit more easily by providing a guarantee, to reduce the bank's risk.

Maximum 75% of the loan:

SOFINEX guarantee covers a maximum of 75% of the loan approved by the banker.

In all countries:

In principle, all countries are covered, except of course those under embargo or high risk countries.

For all businesses:

Regardless of their size, all eligible Walloon businesses can take advantage of the financial contribution of SOFINEX.

Supplementary guarantee:

The guarantee will be activated after guarantees are established which are granted to the bank by the company as part of the loan granted and guaranteed by SOFINEX for the project.


The contribution is granted, through the partner banks, to any company with a head office or place of business in Wallonia.

Terms of the contribution

SOFINEX's contribution in the form of a guarantee covering bank loans is a maximum of 75% of the bank credit and a maximum amount of €1,500,000 per company.

Type of loans guaranteed:

  • Loans intended to finance commercial export contracts
    • Bank guarantee line, "disbursement"-type working capital requirement financing       lines, credit lines, etc.
  • Loans intended to finance investment abroad, namely:  
    • The creation and/or development of a subsidiary, the repurchase of shares or shareholding in a foreign company, the acquisition of a business or branch of activity, investment in real estate or movable property, etc.

SOFINEX's contribution is decided on the basis of an application submitted by the partner banks.

Conditions of the contribution

Contact your bank directly to present your project.

Your bank will examine the application and will handle the submission of your application with SOFINEX.

Prior contact may however be made with SOFINEX.


Catherine Holemans


T 32-2-421.84.86

Hubert Siemes

International Finance Advisor

T 32-2-421.83.59

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