What can you do if you are not yet registered with the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX)?

Contact the closest AWEX regional centre to your business OR submit an access request via the website awex.be

In both cases, a meeting will soon be arranged with a member of the regional centre team, usually at your business.

This first meeting has several aims:

  • to familiarise ourselves with your activities and your export projects;
  • to analyse your business's eligibility and its access to our services, which will be explained to you in detail;
  • to evaluate your ability to begin exporting, by means of an export maturity assessment. The goal is to ensure that your business is really ready and has all the internal resources required.

The regional centre will help you to register on our database and provide your secure access, which is an essential condition for using our services.

What aids can our regional centres offer you?

The seven Wallonia Export-Investment Agency's Regional Centres are local services. They are the first point of contact for any company wanting to become a Wallonia Export-Investment Agency customer.

As well as helping you register, they have the important function of providing advice and guidance to companies:

  • providing guidance and putting you in touch with the different AWEX services in Belgium and abroad
  • submitting business requests to the international network
  • organising Business Days (individual meetings with the ECAs)
  • after-sales service for client businesses (full review of AWEX services, including the financial incentives)
  • organising seminars and workshops in collaboration with foreign trade
  • hosting delegations
  • directing to other Walloon operators on various issues
  • helping to prepare and submit financial incentive dossiers
  • managing the exporter database

What are the eligibility criteria for receiving an AWEX service?

Your business must meet the following cumulative conditions:

  • have a business number (can be requested from the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises)
  • have a head office in Wallonia
  • offer a product or service with real added value
  • have a concrete international development project

What does secure access allow you to do?

Having access to the AWEX secure areas (customised kiosk of Walloon exporting businesses) is essential for:

  • submitting a financial aid dossier or registering for one of our commercial prospecting actions
  • accessing the services of the customised kiosk of Walloon exporting businesses:
  • consulting the progress of your financial aid dossiers
  • checking the usage rate of your financial aid package
  • receiving individualised alerts about events that concern you
  • browsing the history of your relations with AWEX
  • regularly updating your online company profile

Please note: It is very important that you complete all the information for our client business database as accurately as possible. Update this information regularly. We use it to monitor the progress of your business more closely and it ensures that you receive the business opportunities and information that are really useful to you.

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