29 types of aid found

Consultancy support

Get support from specialists in Foreign Trade or Design Specialists approved by the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency in order to develop your presence abroad.

Communication support

Create brochures, videos and/or advertising inserts to be placed inside professional trade publications which are published and distributed abroad to increase your international visibility.

Support for Participation in trade fairs and exhibitions abroad

Participate in an individual capacity in professional and international trade fairs and exhibitions held abroad.

Mobility support outside the EU

Prospect new markets outside the European Union to create a distribution network or build partnerships and invite your established or potential business partners to Belgium.

Support Office of commercial representation outside the EU

Ensure your company's foothold in a market outside the European Union within an incubator or by opening an individual or collective commercial representative office.

Booster Export

In order to provide a boost to their efforts at internationalisation, AWEX offers subsidies to SMEs in Wallonia, which partially cover fees charged by coaches, experts and language trainers who have been accredited

Entreprises exportatrices citoyennes

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and the Walloon Union of Companies award the "Entreprises exportatrices citoyennes" accreditation to Wallonian exporting companies.

Logistics Offices

In some markets outside the European Union, not covered by the network of Economic and Commercial Attachés, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency has agreed to work with local centres called "Logistics Offices" able to offer companies occasional assistance at an attractive price.

Incubator - Hong Kong

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency has signed an agreement with the Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong to provide financial aid to companies wishing to use the services it offers in terms of hosting and support.

Incubator – Montreal

As part of the existing industrial agreements between Wallonia and Quebec, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency now offers Walloon companies the opportunity to benefit from an office within the Quartier de l’Innovation in Montreal.

Incubator – San Francisco

Take advantage of an incubator and a co-working area of 30,000 m² in San Francisco with 80 other high level start-ups specialised in new technologies.

Incubator – Philadelphia

Philadelphia occupies a central position in the Life Sciences sector. The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency has established a partnership here with the Science Center in order to provide a structure for welcoming and accompanying Walloon companies.

Incubator - Shenzhen

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency proposes support for the opening of sales representative offices to support Walloon companies in their prospecting of markets outside the European Union.

Incubator - Texas A&M

In the context of the agreement between AWEX and Texas A&M University System, Walloon companies have the possibility to benefit from an incubator on the site of the main campus of the university network, located near Houston, at College Station.

Sofinex - Agreements with the SBI

Through the SBI and in conjunction with it, SOFINEX can contribute directly to the financing of a legal structure based abroad alongside a Walloon company, as part of a sustainable investment.

Sofinex - "Emerging countries fund" line

SOFINEX makes your offerings more competitive by giving you a donation representing 35% of the value of the associated goods and services.

Sofinex - Guarantees

Whatever your international project, SOFINEX allows you to access bank credit more easily by providing a guarantee, to reduce the bank's risk.

Sofinex - Direct contributions

Whatever your international project, SOFINEX helps you to ensure your financial closure by granting you a loan (in various forms) or even an equity investment.

Explort trainee

Boost your international development! Take advantage of the skills of an Explort trainee who has been trained in international trade.

Welcome Offices Export

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency offers Walloon companies the possibility of prospecting certain markets with interesting potential via Welcome Offices Export.

Wallonia Export-Investment Agency EU Office

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency EU Office is the liaison office of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency with the European Union.

Réseau EEN - Enterprise Europe Network

The Single European Market offers important development opportunities for companies and in particular for SMEs. Find out how the EEN - Enterprise Europe Network - can help you access it.

Business Days

Request a personalized meeting with our economic and commercial attachés during their annual return to Belgium.

The Muslim economy: Islamic finance and the halal market

Facilitate access for Walloon companies to Islamic finance techniques which are likely to strengthen their competitive advantage.

Export administration secretaries

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency awards subsidies to Export Administration Secretaries (EAS) for the technical services that they offer to Walloon small and medium-sized exporters (SMEs).

Trends Observatory

The Trends Observatory is a monitoring mobiliser that aims to detect trends, needs and opportunities abroad and to re-inject the collected data at the Wallonia/Brussels level. It is established within two agencies: the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and the AEI – Enterprise and Innovation Agency.

Open Worldwide Innovation Network (OWIN)

Based on the concept of open innovation, the network's slogan is to encourage a culture of innovation and an enterprising spirit. OWIN's objective is to accelerate the international development of companies active in various technological fields.

International Organizations and Development Banks

Do you find responding to international calls for tenders complex, or do you feel that this does not concern your activities?  You're mistaken. The size of markets or contracts are accessible to ALL, including SMEs.

Aid proposed to federations, clusters and professional groups

In addition to the financial aid granted individually to Wallonian companies, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency also supports them by financing the activities included in the annual action program of Wallonian federations, clusters or Wallonian groups abroad. 
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