L’AWEX a passé un accord avec la Chambre de Commerce belgo-luxembourgeoise à Hong Kong afin de soutenir financièrement les entreprises souhaitant utiliser les services qu’elle offre en matière d’accueil et d’accompagnement.



This business incubator provides companies with a furnished office equipped with telephone and internet connections, and benefits from a wide range of professional services.

  • free of charge: hosting, reception, messaging, meeting room, cafeteria, etc.
  • at advantageous rates: legal advice, specialised marketing assistance, networking, trainees, etc.

See the map of incubators

Map of incubators

Terms of the contribution

Through the Chamber of Commerce, companies have the following services at their disposal:

  • a modular workstation with desk, chair and storage space
  • a private and secure working environment
  • unlimited use of bandwidth and telephone services (+ fax)
  • administrative and IT backup
  • free email
  • telephone secretariat
  • access and use of common areas (cafeteria, kitchens, reception)
  • cleaning services.

Conditions of the contribution

The cost for the company is 1,250 euros per quarter (excluding specialised services invoiced separately).

A la carte services are also available, including the rental of meeting rooms, the use of a shared secretary, administrative assistance from the Chamber of Commerce, and access to the photocopy machine.

The Chamber of Commerce also offers assistance and advice on starting up activities and facilitates the first steps in the territory of Hong Kong and China.

Walloon companies which use the incubator will be able to benefit from an additional financial contribution in the form of a 50% subsidy to cover some of the costs.

This contribution is:

The costs covered are:

  • the monthly salary of the company representative sent from Belgium
  • the monthly salary of any deputy or secretary
  • the budget for prospecting within the working area assigned to the occupant of the incubator during the period in question
  • a return flight from Belgium to the destination country (depending on the package formula) for the representative who is going to settle in the incubator.

The request to benefit from this additional financial aid must be made simultaneously and in parallel with the signature of the agreement for the provision of the office inside the incubator.

For further information on this subject, all interested Walloon companies can contact Marie-Christine Thiry - 02/421.84.95


Michel Kempeneers

COO Overseas Export - Investment

T 32-2.421.84.84

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