Situated in Montreal's Innocentre

As part of the existing industrial agreements between Wallonia and Quebec, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency now offers Walloon companies the opportunity to benefit from an office within the Quartier de l’Innovation in Montreal.

The Quartier de l'Innovation (QI), which officially came into existence in May 2013, is intended to be a flagship place for promoting innovation in the heart of Quebec's economic capital. A partnership agreement between the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and the Quartier de l'Innovation exists since 2016.

This bilateral exchange program allows Wallonian companies wishing to to set up in Montreal the opportunity to benefit a varied offerings of incubators and accelerators.

Specifically, QI groups together series of incubators and accelerators located within it. The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency is currently a partner with 5 of them: Salon 1861, the Montreal Enterprise and Innovation Centre (CEIM), Griffin Camp, Centech and District 3.


Discover the presentation guide of the various accelerators, incubators and workspaces accessible to Walloon companies wishing to set up in Montreal here: Download the guide


Quebec has a diversified economy and well-established sectors including aeronautics and aerospace, nanotechnologies, energy, ICT, transportation equipment, mechanical engineering, health and biotechnology, as well as expertise in more specific fields such as optics-photonics, green and intelligent buildings, micro-technologies and materials. Diversification of trading partners is currently a priority for the Government of Quebec due to a large dependency of Canadian goods on the U.S. market. To this end, the Canada-EU economic partnership currently under negotiation, should considerably increase trade exchanges and bilateral partnerships. In the meantime, Quebec has put in place numerous mechanisms and incentives to encourage investment, innovation, technological partnerships and jobs.

With its 3.8 million inhabitants, Montreal is the economic centre of the province of Quebec and the second largest French-speaking city in the world. The city offers numerous possibilities in terms of developing new business relationships and technological cooperation for Walloon companies seeking to penetrate the Canadian market.

Terms of the contribution

Companies will be steered towards the most suitable offering based on their business activity. They will have all the services offered by the incubator to its tenant companies.

Duration of the stay: minimum 3 months and maximum 1 year.

Companies will sign an occupancy contract directly with the local partner, with the help of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency Montreal and the Quartier de l'Innovation.

The financial contribution of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency offers financial support for the opening of sales representative offices to help Walloon companies in their prospecting of markets outside the European Union. This makes it possible to cover a maximum of 50% of the costs borne by the company, in the form of a single flat rate.

Find out more at the Support Office of commercial representation outside the EU

See the map of incubators

Map of incubators

Conditions of the contribution

  • The company must be established in the Walloon Region and demonstrate a real interest in the Canadian market. 
  • The company undertakes to delegate a duly authorised representative who will stay locally for the entire duration period (3 months minimum - 1 year maximum). 

Yaël Haumont

Spécialiste marché USA/Canada/Mexique

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