Agreements signed with the SBI (Belgian International Investment Agency)

Prior to the creation of SOFINEX, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency made two funding envelopes available within the SBI, one for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (PECO) and the other for developing countries (PVD) each for an amount of €2,231,041.72.


The objective was to contribute to the funding of investment operations carried out by Walloon private companies, without any size criterion, in each of the above-mentioned regions. These resources were transferred to SOFINEX when it was established.

In 2007, these agreements were revised so that the resources available could be used for projects from all developing and developed countries.

Through the SBI and in conjunction with it, SOFINEX can contribute directly to the financing of a legal structure based abroad alongside a Walloon company, as part of a sustainable investment.

SOFINEX's contribution in the project cannot exceed a maximum amount of €1,000,000 per project.


Catherine Holemans


T 32-2-421.84.86

Hubert Siemes

International Finance Advisor

T 32-2-421.83.59

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