The Trends Observatory is a monitoring mobiliser that aims to detect trends, needs and opportunities abroad and to re-inject the collected data at the Wallonia/Brussels level. It is established within two agencies: the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and the AEI – Enterprise and Innovation Agency. The aim of the actions carried out is to strengthen the competitiveness of businesses and the capacity for innovation in the south of our country.

How can international monitoring help you in your international development and growth?

  • Identifying new export markets via commercial monitoring
  • Following technological developments via innovation monitoring
  • Keeping up to date with the trends in your sector via trends monitoring

In order to respond to the problems in your sector, the Trends Observatory sets up an international monitoring project, in which we define together the perspectives of the monitoring, strategy and the geographical areas to be placed under the radar. This monitoring is then carried out by the international network of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency and WBI. Almost 100 agents, working in as many regions around the world, carry out specific monitoring to provide you with the information you are looking for.

"Monitoring - a source of inspiration to stimulate your growth and innovation".


Wallonian organizations and their economic actors (companies, research centres, universities, etc.)


This service is free of charge and is not restricted to a limited number of sectors. However, in order to be selected, a monitoring project must meet certain criteria:

  • General significance: the topic covered must provide a solution to several actors in the Walloon Region/Wallonia-Brussels Federation. In general, we are commissioned by Wallonian organizations (Clusters, Poles, EBICs, etc.), who draw our attention to a problem existing in their sector and affecting their members.
  • Relevance of the monitoring: the monitoring must provide a solution to an identified problem. The added value of the monitoring by agents of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency/WBI is due in particular to their physical presence in the monitoring region, their extensive network developed in the country and their knowledge of the country's institutions and the local language.
  • Subject or market future- or trend-related: the selected topic must correspond with a need from the society of tomorrow, and fall within a future-oriented market.

Already undertaken monitoring projects

  • Digitisation and digital archiving: the objective of this project was to strengthen a promising Walloon sector by detecting new markets abroad (commercial monitoring) and by capturing trends in relevant high value-added technologies (technological monitoring). The project has now ended.
  • Semantic web: the objective was to obtain an overall view of the major trends observed abroad concerning the economic development of this technology (fields of commercial exploitation, types of partnerships created by the research teams in the field, solidity of the companies that have adopted this technology) in order to make the right strategic choices and orient Wallonia's development in the area of the semantic web towards the promising fields. The project has now ended.
  • Independent production of short-term 'flux' programs: the objective of this project was to stimulate this embryonic sector in French-speaking Belgium by means of a periodic "trend monitoring" aimed at independent producers of short-term 'flux' programs, thereby multiplying their sources of inspiration, bringing them back in line with the globalised television market and switching them on to new outlets. This      project has now ended. See the results of this monitoring on the site or in the section Marchés et Secteurs/ Numérique.

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