The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency EU Office is the liaison office of the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency with the European Union.


The Liaison Office is part of the Agency's network of Economic and Commercial Attachés. Like the WBI Delegation, it is based at the Belgian Representation to the EU, in order to fully assume a "focal point" role within a recognised international context. The WBI delegation deals with the Council's policies and the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency delegation works with the Commission on operational matters.

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency works in coordination with the "Enterprise Europe Network" (EEN), a vast proximity network co-financed by the European Commission. It brings together more than 600 organisations from more than 70 countries. EEN has the largest database of business opportunities in the EU, and organises B2Bs abroad in coordination with the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency.

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Better access to the opportunities offered by the EU

Europe currently has 28 members and continues to develop its single market through various policies to support businesses through innovation, research, digital strategy, standards, etc.

Its influence is also evident across all continents: from its eastern and southern borders to advanced, emerging and developing countries with whom the European Union is strengthening its cooperation, as well as through the negotiation of free trade agreements.

For the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency, it remains essential that operators and companies benefit from better access to the opportunities offered by the European Union: whether through its programmes (excluding regional funds) or its relations with partner countries.

The Office has developed a strategy for the deployment of networks and marketing to the European Commission as well as regional representation offices and various interest groups.

In short, our main mission is to contribute to the development of international partnerships through the European Union's actions related to economic diplomacy and the international development of businesses.


Chantal Léonard

Coordinatrice de l'AWEX EU Office - Représentation permanente de la Belgique auprès de l'UE

T 32-2-233.03.84
or 32-478-55.16.11

Milena Gvozden

Représentation permanente de la Belgique auprès de l'UE

T 32-2-233.03.95
or 32-478-55.16.11

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