The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency offers Walloon companies the possibility of prospecting certain markets with interesting potential via Welcome Offices Export.

Locations of Welcome Offices Export:

  • Western Europe: Cologne (Germany), Maastricht (Netherlands), Milan (Italy)
  • Central and Eastern Europe: Bucharest (Romania), Kiev (Ukraine), Prague (Czech Republic), Riga (Latvia), Sofia (Bulgaria), Warsaw (Poland)
  • Africa: Abidjan (Ivory Coast), Johannesburg (South Africa), Tunis (Tunisia)
  • The Americas: New York (United States), San Francisco (United States), Chicago (United States), Santiago (Chile), Sao Paulo (Brazil)  
  • Asia: Almaty (Kazakhstan), Canton (PR China), Shenzhen (PR China), Dubai (United Arab Emirates), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Manilla (Philippines), Mumbai (India), Singapore (Singapore), Wuhan (PR China)
  • Oceania: Sydney (Australia)


The Welcome Offices Export are premier reception offices for any company wishing, for a limited period of time, to prospect a market locally.  The Welcome Offices are located in the offices of the Economic and Commercial Attachés (AEC).

The provided workspace is equipped with all telephone and computer connections.


Any company established in the Walloon Region having a production activity in Wallonia and/or developing a significant activity for the Walloon economy.

Locations of Welcome Offices

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Terms of the contribution

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency provides infrastructure which includes:

  • an individual office with telephone and computer connections
  • access to telephony and fax tools (including ADSL connection)
  • access to the general documentation of the Walloon Economic and Commercial Attaché's office

These three elements are covered by the flat fee.

  • paid secretarial assistance, subject to prior request from the company.

A flat fee of €75/week or €290/month (including local telephone calls only) is requested to cover the costs incurred.

Length of the stay: minimum 1 week and maximum 3 months (possibly renewable for motivated commercial reasons and in case of non-occupation by another Walloon company).

In order to access the infrastructure, the company needs to submit a request to the Economic and Commercial Attaché.

In the event of an agreement with the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency, the company undertakes to pay the agreed fixed price linked to the infrastructure made available to it, as well as international telecommunications charges and specialised services as requested, on the basis of an agreement between the Walloon company and the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency.

Conditions of the contribution

The company is obliged to delegate a duly authorised representative who will stay locally for the entire reference period.

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